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Your New Pro Theme

Thank you for purchasing this theme. We hope that you will enjoy it and use it to be successful at whatever you are working on.

We understand that it can be difficult to get a new website running so if you have a problem please don’t hesitate to contact us at PageLines.

Next Steps:

  • Make sure you’ve uploaded and activated all the plugins that come with the theme.
  • To set up a feature page, create a new page and select the ‘Feature Page’ template. Then configure it in the feature setup panel in the admin.
  • Change all theme settings in the options panels within the admin > apprearance area. Here you can show things like authors on posts, only excerpts on the homepage, etc…
  • Be careful not to break the theme markup (html), markup problems can cause whacky things to happen (like the sidebar falling to the bottom of the page)
  • Have fun with the design. We hope you create something that is totally unique and will stand out in the crowd. Good luck!

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